This feature enables you to be proactive. By sending instant notifications you can manage your fleet efficiently. These alerts can be sent via email as well as a text message as per your convenience. Such alerts can be sent across verticals. You can send them to yourself, your supervisors and your drivers.

Various types of alerts are as follows:

Speeding Alert

A speeding alert can be activated to notify when a specific vehicle increases its speed beyond a pre-defined speed limit. Example - exceeding speed limit.

Idle Time Alert

Know when your vehicle is utilized for unproductive tasks. This alerts you when your vehicle's engine is kept running without any movement for a considerable amount of time. Example - vehicle at halt with air conditioning on for half an hour.

Driver Login Alert (PRO/ENT Only)

Be alerted when the driver starts the trip without logging in. This comes in handy to keep track of unauthorized usage. Example - stolen vehicle.

Long Halt Alert

An alert will be sent when a vehicle is at halt for more than the specified time. Example - Vehicle at halt for over two hours.

Odd-hours Alert

Intimates when a vehicle is moving at an unauthorized hour. Example - Vehicle movement detected at night.

Landmark Alert

Keep track of your vehicle when it crosses a pre-defined boundary. Example - Vehicle passes a specified storage place.

Switch-based Alert

Alerts when an off-limit switch is pressed.

Out-of-range alert

Alerts when the vehicle is not in cellular range over a period of time.

DTC Alert

When your engine reports a diagnostic trouble code and requires engine maintenance.