Lend a proactive approach to your business with our GPS fleet tracking system. Keep your fleet safe by keeping a close eye on its activities. Fewer accidents will definitely keep your personnel and vehicles in top condition. Ensure safety and save money with our fleet tracking system.

The major benefits of this system are:

Monitor Driver Behavior

Stop unauthorized usage and supervise your driver's activities with our GPS fleet tracking system. You can monitor the driver's punctuality, the speed at which the vehicle is driven along with the driving style like harsh braking or rapid acceleration.

Perfect Navigation

Communicate with your drivers in a quick, safe and efficient manner. Avoid phone calls and coordinate via messages and email. Dispatch them in time and make sure they do not sit idle. A streamlined approach can help avoid unnecessary speeding to meet deadlines and lead to safe driving. Provide drivers with precise directions to keep them on track.

Location Intelligence

Keep your fleet safe by knowing their precise location. If there is any unauthorized movement, relevant action can be initiated. The crew can also make use of Panic Buttons to intimate the management about any untoward activity. If a particular route is blocked, unsafe or predicted to be affected by bad weather, drivers can be intimated about a new route instantly.

Vehicle Maintenance

A well-maintained vehicle is a safe vehicle. Potential disasters can be avoided if a vehicle is in its optimal condition. Alerts regarding services can be set up in the GPS fleet tracking system to make sure you do not miss out on maintenance appointments.