Keep a track on your fleet's unauthorized activities like fuel wastage due to driving on unscheduled path, excessive speeding or idling and other unethical driving behavior. Our tracking service is instrumental in providing you actionable insights to manage your fleet and facilitate fuel saving.

The major benefits of this system are:

Limit Speeding And Idling

It is a known fact that excessive speeding takes a toll on the vehicle's engine and consumes more than optimal fuel. Our tracking service produces quick results and tracks your fleets speeding activities. These activities can be monitored and curtailed before any untoward event. The driver can be intimated via alerts in real-time and the vehicle can be slowed down. If a vehicle is idle for a long time and the engine is switched on during that period, it is bound to consume fuel. In such cases the driver can be alerted and fuel can be saved.

Unauthorized Usage

Bid adieu to falsified information. With our tracking system, you will be able to monitor your fleet's activity closely. You will be notified when your vehicle is used for unauthorized activities. You can stipulate the working hours and any activity apart from that can be notified and acted upon. Such customization can be applied to other operating practices as well.

Optimized Routes

Our tracking system can trace an optimum route from point A to point B. It can also mention the adequate time taken for your fleet to reach from the start to the end point. This can be compared to the path and time taken to cover that path by the vehicle in question. These two records can be analyzed and the driver can be informed about the optimal route or penalized for taking a less productive route.