Our GPS fleet tracking systems feature complete customization. We allow you the freedom to compose a tracking mechanism as per your wish. The data provided can be used for making important business decisions and formulating strategies. This can be useful to all levels of fleet management.

The major benefits of this system are:


The dashboard is a completely customizable workspace. They feature dashlets that help you find accurate information as and when you need it. You can make use of these dashlets to stay updated about the kind of information you need and create several customizable workspaces.


Stay vigilant by receiving notifications from our GPS fleet tracking systems in a timely manner. Whether it is to formulate strategies, streamline operation and curtail unauthorized usage, our alerts are extremely useful.


Opt for reports depending on when you want and to whom you want to send them. You can get specific reports as per your convenience. These reports contain graphs and can also be viewed on maps as well. They come with a plethora of options pertaining to scheduling.


Integration can help reduce costs and make sound business decisions in a timely manner. Various types of Integration like APIs, Map Overlays, Data Connect and Data Dump can be leveraged to customize your GPS data. You can avail a clear and a comprehensive view of your fleet operations thanks to our GPS fleet tracking systems. The data can be integrated from several sources and compiled in a specified format so that you can use it to make decisions.