Manage your fleet's activity to perfection with the dashboard feature. It provides real-time and current status information to help you keep track of your fleet. With this dashboard, you can control fleet operations pertaining to trucks, vehicles and other assets from a single screen.

Moveable windows called dashlets make the entire experience easy and comfortable. With these dashlets you can arrange, customize, name, save and share several configurations of workspaces. These can be maneuvered, resized, added as well as removed. Dashboard and dashlets provide timely information through real-time maps, lists showing the location of your vehicles, several alerts, graphical representations, messages, landmark visits etc.

This web-interface facilitates better administration by enabling you to schedule reports, set up alerts, and keep track of vehicles, drivers and user groups. These real-time maps allow you to keep track of one vehicle or a group of vehicles depending upon your needs. This interface can be customized and configured as per your preference.