The Driver ID feature increases the level of accountability of your driving staff. Since one vehicle is usually assigned to more than one driver, it is imperative to keep an individual record of activities of each driver on duty. Our vehicle and assets tracking software helps you to track every driver as well as the vehicles used by them.

This system assists managers to ascertain the activities performed, during the time the driver was assigned to a particular vehicle. This aids both the drivers and the managers at the time of reporting work hours, time of pick-ups and drops, etc.

During tracking, the maps on the screen will display the contact information (email address and mobile phone number for making calls or sending SMS's) of the driver assigned to the vehicle. This ensures that a prompt and convenient line of communication is generated with the driver in case of emergencies or changes in delivery schedule.

The major benefits of this system are:

Customized Reports

The tracking software creates driver-wise reports that give you complete transparency regarding various driving habits of each driver. It prepares reports on speeding, idle time, miles covered, stops made, landmark visits and odd-hour driving that helps you assess the driver's profile.

Easy Assignment

You can allot different type of vehicles to different drivers on the basis of their experience and skill. To make your operation simpler, drivers can be assigned to a vehicle by five methods:
1. Manually (via web interface)
2. Touching a Keyfob to a reader in the vehicle (if installed)
3. Sending Driver ID via Garmin
4. Sending a text message
5. Using Application Programming Interface


This system makes sure that each driver can be held accountable for their actions at any given time. For example: parking tickets, traffic violations, fines, toll infractions, customer complaints, etc.