Landmarks are points of interest that cater exclusively to your line of business. Using the tracking software, you can create multiple landmarks. This feature provides exceptionally accurate data that leads to realistic location awareness. It delivers true location intelligence, to offer you a spatial comprehension of the vehicle's surrounding.

This feature creates alerts, reports and maps to augment the mapping process by offering a greater degree of understanding. You can determine when a vehicle enters and leaves a landmark or a group of landmarks, and choose to receive alerts regarding the same.

The landmarks on maps are displayed with polygons using satellite maps that clearly define the outline of every stored landmark. Moreover, our software allows you to import up to 1000 landmarks in one go from Excel spreadsheets. They can also be created instantly by making use of your vehicle's location on a map.

The vehicle and asset tracking software includes a dashboard, which has multiple movable windows called "dashlets". These dashlets provide you with insight via real-time maps. The landmarks saved by you in the software are used in "Dispatch", "Closest To" and other dashlets for instantaneous access.