The Mobile Application feature of our fleet tracking software keeps up-to-date with the status of your fleet, wherever you go. With this application, you can determine the location of the vehicle, current status, and send messages to drivers, from your iOS or Android Smartphone.

It allows you to instantly check where different vehicles are and what their status is. You can even view the true location of your fleet using Google Street view for a better understanding. The mobile application supports standard, satellite and hybrid maps that help you create landmarks or points of interest with one simple click.

Our system allows you to find out which vehicle is closest to your location, from other vehicles, landmarks or specified addresses. This feature allows you to efficiently manage tasks and assign the closest automobile to a given location for prompt execution. It can also deliver directions to/from the vehicles, to provide routes to your drivers.

Using the application you can maintain a constant line of communication with your employees. It allows you to make calls, text, or send Garmin messages to your drivers. For vehicles managing extremely important or critical operations, such as handling expensive cargo, you can choose to receive alerts, every time the vehicle halts or moves.

Moreover, for Smartphones such as Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Phone and Smartphones run on other operating systems, features like map, satellite and hybrid mode support, location and stop times of vehicles and directions to and from vehicles can be availed using Google Maps as well.