Letz Talk Technologies' vehicle and asset tracking system helps to keep you up-to-speed with each and every aspect of your vehicles. You can program the software to send automated reporting on stats of your fleet or generate them as per your convenience for review or audits.

Mnemonics for lubrication, oil filtering, performance tune up, oil changing, replacing transmission fluid, rear-end service, and similar services can be easily set-up.

The following table categorizes various reports generated by our system on the basis of utility:

Activity Detail Reports Landmark Reports Diagnostic Reports Speeding Reports Stop Detail Reports
Activity Detail Landmark Group DTC Alerts Acceleration Detail Speed Violation
Begin/End Day Landmark History Fuel Usage Detail Acceleration Summary Route Efficiency Detail
Drive Time Summary Landmark Log Performance Posted Speed Limit State Mileage
Fleet Driver History Path History Run Time Speed Bands Stop Detail and Idle Graph
Fleet Utilization Unmarked Stops Service History Speed Summary Stop Detail and Idle Time
Idle Research - Service Reminders Speed Violation Stop Notes
Idle Time Detail - Switch Alerts Speed Violation -
Idle Time Summary - - - -
Late Start - - - -
Odd-Hours - - - -
Scorecard - - - -

This system provides a convenient and efficient process for reducing operating costs, enhancing productivity, extending vehicle/asset life cycle and keeping a detailed record of your vehicle performance to enable effortless and competent management.