Letz Talk Technologies' Fleet GPS tracking device for trucks provides you an all-round functionality to better optimize your electric and utility company. It can be integrated with many of the leading software systems used by electrical co-operatives and utility companies, to enhance your efficacy.

You can instantly send the next stops or even routes for job locations to your drivers on the dashboard-mounted Garmin personal navigation device. This also allows you to send free form or automated messages to your driver without the distraction of cell phones.

The major benefits of this system are:

Impressive Management

With the GPS tracking device for trucks, you can track your workforce visibility in real-time. As a result, you are constantly aware where your resources and service teams are. Accordingly, prompt dispatch decisions can be made for effective administration.

Satisfied Members And Customers

During a power outage, you can check the software and find out which truck is closest to the affected area for delivering a speedy response. You can easily send the job details along with the location to your drivers via e-mail, text message or Garmin PND. You can also give the customer an accurate ETA, based on the truck's location, without disturbing the technician.

Cut Down Fuel Expenditure

Fuel cost comprises a major chunk of your total vehicle related expenditure. Using a GPS tracking device for trucks, you will observe a dramatic decrease in your fuel costs as it eliminates excess idling, speeding and unauthorized vehicle usage. Moreover, you can generate the shortest and fastest routes for your drivers to increase efficiency at lower costs.